corporate engagements


We advocate for people with disabilities, women's rights and diversity. An ally to people of all, race, religion, gender or identity, we believe in equal rights among all people! We want to find a space to come alongside and support people. By sharing my story, especially my vulnerabilities and turning pain into a space for facilitating an open dialogue. Recently, we have been a regular guest on the radio show 'Late night with Lizzy' Spirit radio 89.9fm and adjunct lecturer in Special Education at St Nicholas Montessori College Ireland.

Speciality subjects include:

  • Special Education
  • Sex Positivity
  • Christian Faith
  • Women's Rights
  • Disability
  • Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
  • Dealing with Eating Disorders

Please get in contact if you wish to book a speaking engagement.


Poetry began as a way of dealing with the physical and emotional pain of living with chronic pain, but has since been a vessel of inspiration in which we are proud to celebrate and share.

In the past, I have been honoured to share some poems at events and in podcasts.


Work can be stressful, boring, overwhelming and difficult. Without the proper management, we can let work overtake our ability to be present and joyful every day. By using mindfulness, we are able to teach corporate settings practices to help reduce these factors and bring joy to your workspace.