bespoke workshops

bespoke workshops

We value diversity, and in that diversity there can be inhibitors to attending our scheduled classes. As a result, we offer unique, bespoke classes tailored to your needs. Whether you suffer from chronic pain (like me!), you and your partner wish to reconnect, or simply you are looking for another way to be in tune with your mind and body, consider our bespoke workshops.

When : Bespoke

Where : 1 Aspen Park, Carriglea Downs, Co, Dublin

Cost : Bespoke

Class size : 6 people, please book in advance

chronic pain class (purpose in the pain) PIP

When I began attending yoga I found that my pain 'got in the way'. It was difficult for teachers and other students. This class is a space where people living with chronic pain can come and work with their bodies and their different abilities without shame. It is crucial that we have groups of people who can both empathise and support us in our pain. I understand the physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that comes with chronic pain; I have dealt with flare-ups, I have felt shame for not being capable to attend events and I have been stressed confronting the financial strain of my condition. I take all of these things into account with my clients so I encourage you to contact me and try this class. I believe it is extremely beneficial to have a space where pain is not what brings us together; but rather yoga and community.

You are welcome to join this class no matter your abilities. I prefer to have a conversation on the phone or via email so I can understand your condition and concerns. I have a qualification in Health and Community Services, so please feel you can be open and honest. I want to be well-informed to provide you with the best possible experience.