My Story

A few years ago I suffered serious burns to the majority of my legs. In the short term this was debilitating and hugely impacted my life. As time has passed it has developed into a chronic pain condition. My aggressive pain is not limited to my legs but can ‘migrate’ to anywhere in my body with little to no warning.

Before the pain I was a dancer and was pursuing a career as a ballet teacher. My condition meant I had to put my training and ambitions on hold.

Sharing my story with people I found they respond, the more I shared the more I found that many people were also living in pain. I was able to empathise and share what I had learned through my experience. I began to find purpose in my pain as a teacher and as a way to connect with others. Pain is universal as is love.

Values & Vision

I value diversity, kindness and the art of being present. I seek to bring these values into our daily lives as well as into every class I teach. I believe that by offering a space for the individual to come, remember their value and identity, they will learn and grow. By doing this I want people to go away healthier and join the happiness community.

Strength is in the Struggle


Certified Yoga & Zumba Instructor

BA Creative & Cultural Industries, TUD

FETAC Health and Community Services

Irish Red Cross First Aid Trained