the happiness community

When people ask me what I do, or what my job is I always tell them that I professionally make people happy. I choose to focus on the results of my work rather than the work itself.

My teaching results in my students connecting with their bodies. They learn about themselves, finding peace and playfulness in my classes. I love guiding people as they find love and joy in the movement of their bodies.

Relationships are also a big part of helping people in their happiness journey. Meeting the same people at classes week by week, sharing in the easy things and in the hard. The class dynamic promotes supporting, encourageing and celebrating one another.

I do not shy away from sharing my struggles with people. Helping them to understand that I am not some 'guru' that has it all together. It is a practice and a choice to be positive. Through my poetry and speaking I share my experience in life; its beauty, its pain, and it's joyful moments hoping to connect with people through emotions that all humanity can understand.

I bring these values into every yoga class, in each speech delivered to a classroom, I strive to make each individual feel valued, seen and, yes, happy.

my story

A few years ago I suffered serious burns to the majority of my legs. In the short term this was debilitating and hugely impacted my life. As time has passed it has developed into a chronic pain condition. My aggressive pain is not limited to my legs but can ‘migrate’ to anywhere in my body with little to no warning.

Before the pain I was a dancer and was pursuing a career as a ballet teacher. My condition meant I had to put my training and ambitions on hold.

Sharing my story with people I found they respond, the more I shared the more I found that many people were also living in pain. I was able to empathise and share what I had learned through my experience. I began to find purpose in my pain as a teacher and as a way to connect with others. Pain is universal as is love.

values and vision

I value diversity, kindness and the art of being present. I seek to bring these values into our daily lives as well as into every class I teach. I believe that by offering a space for the individual to come, remember their value and identity, they will learn and grow. By doing this I want people to go away healthier and join the happiness community.


Certified Yoga & Zumba Instructor

BA Creative & Cultural Industries, TUD

FETAC Health and Community Services

Irish Red Cross First Aid Trained