Yoga & Zumba Teacher

Classes Mon, Wed, Thurs.
All are welcome 😀


"We have worked with Naomi on several projects, and each project was a huge success.

Naomi was an integral part of our special education course offered to our first year students studying Montessori Education. Using her experience in the field and within the sector, she delivered several classes for these first years and offered practical insight and experience to the students. When asking the first years what they thought, they considered Naomi to offer incredible advise and insight in a relatable way.

Additionally, we hired Naomi for several sessions of classroom yoga. She delivered a bespoke session for various students at SNMCI and was able to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity during a normally stressful exam period.

We would highly recommend using Naomi Kumar for any speaking engagement or yoga movement course. She was professional and kind, authentic and daring; a perfect combination for any corporate or casual setting."

Mackenzie Young, Student Engagement OfficerSt Nicholas Montessori Society

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