why yoga?

While working through the sudden, jarring change of living a life in pain; I returned to my roots and worked with stretching and movement to build strength and to reconnect with my body in a therapeutic, positive way. This reconnection is the basis of my yoga practice.

My experiences with other people who suffer from pain have shown me the benefits that a yoga practice has on a person to heal their physical, emotional or mental injuries. Yoga can be a tool to develop a positive, mindful relationship with your own body or to provide the mental or emotional space to reflect and process their thoughts or to build bonds of community in a safe environment. I have trained in yoga in the desire to help people on their journey.


I offer a weekly class where I seek to provide an atmosphere of accessibility. This is a space where we don't take ourselves too seriously. Fun is an integral part of stepping away from day to day life and into a time for yourself. he mental and physical well being of my clients is of paramount importance to me. I cooperate with my students, guiding them to communally foster an atmosphere of growth, health and happiness.

bespoke workshops

I value diversity, and with that diversity there can be obstacles to attending regularly scheduled classes. As a result, I offer bespoke classes, tailored to your needs. Whether you suffer from chronic pain (like me!), are looking to organise a corporate class or are trying to attune your mind and body, consider a bespoke workshop.